solenad 2 in sta rosa laguna

   My tita has a house in Valenza Sta Rosa laguna near the Nuvali. Recently Solenad 2 just opened this is located right infront of Valenza Crown Asia. This is very convenient kasi malapit na sa house ni tita ko. Yey! for that since they just opened they had free games and an event going on they have 2 visitors from azkals but we did saw them because we went home na. Me and my cousin did all the free games and we even had our henna tattoo for free but after a day or so a text came asking me if I want to do business with him of course I said no because I’m busy with work and my kids. Result was a fun fun fun afternoon.

   Solenad 2 has a few boutique that you can choose from. From fine dining to clothes, shoes, hair salon, nail spa…etc. perfect for a stop over if you’re going to Tagaytay or Batangas. Solenad2 is just next to Nuvali (Solenad 1) which also has a few restaurants, fish feeding, biking, or just sit and relax with star bucks coffee.
Plus! Plus! Plus! Robinson supermarket is ongoing construction. Wow! Very convenient for the people who lives in Valenza and the nearby neighborhood. I want to get a unit na tuloy in Valenza kaya lang the monthly fees like Association fee is so high very not realistic also the squatter infront of the Subdivision is kinda scary because they had an incident of theft . I don’t want to pinpoint but might be from those people who lives infront of the subdivision.
   All in all they have nice facilities. Big swimming pool a small playground and a airconditioned hall for ocassions . if you want to dip in a pool you have to pay Php 35.00 for adult Php 25.00 for kids. night swimming until 10pm Php 50.00 for adult Php35.00 for kids.

The entrance of Valenza club house
swimming pool 25.00 for kids 35.00 for adult if relative or friend of the owner . outsider 100/head
Infront of Valenza.you will see this if your going to tagaytay from Sta rosa exit SLEX
Inside of Solenad 2

our free henna tattoo
the event
Nuvali (Solenad 1)
Bazaar in Solenad 1 cute slippers Php150.00/pair . bought 2 for my girls

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