Olay natural white

Do you use a moisturizer everyday? my favorite face moisturiser is Seba Med I've beern using this for 4 years already. Seba med introduce by my aunt when I was in Japan I was looking for a moisturiser that does not leave a sticky feeling. good thing I've met Seba med. Since im not in Japan anymore I need an alternative ive tried Myra-E this is also good but wanted to try other products and I came up with this been using this for a month now luckily no breakout, skin is fairly moisturise and does not leave my skin feel sticky. Do you have your own favorite face moisturiser? Would love to hear from you ^_^
My face moisturiser Olay in Natural White Php79.00 does not give whitecast afte application.



  1. i use sebamed soap for my baby. didn't know they have face moisturizer. anyway, i use olay natural white too. and i love it. :)

  2. Olay natural white is good. I've tried this a couple of times.

  3. Hi Nuna yup Seba med has a face moisturiser if im not mistaken a store here in eastwood is selling seba med products. I bet they cost much. Will make a post about SM moisturiser

    @Rae true. olay is a good product

  4. I use myra E, but would love to try this one. Nice post!


Would love to hear from you :)


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