Haul: LA Colors

Hi! Just want to show you my new babies :) I bought them in The Dollar Store in Sta Lucia mall. Though the ones in the Market! Market! is much affordable than in The Dollar Store. because in the beauty section of Market! Market! is just 60php. but here 89php per bottle. cant help but buy it on the spot. 我慢できなかった !_!

Lovely color isn't she?
just in time for summer

I love this pale pink so girly and cute

Green in Palm tree. easy to glide on and no streaks in nails when applied

Fabulous blue from my collex
formula is good. no negative comment. even without top coat these babies is shining

Just like the name of this NP. Feel like splashing in the cold water. weather is so humid.

My favorite of them all. Unique color. I love it to bits
Pop of pink
I designed the nail
Love the name :) Fiji purple


  1. Whoaaaaa! Php 60? I want! Where in Market! Market! can I buy that?

    1. i dunno if ground or 2nd floor. sa beauty section ^_^

    2. Sige sige, hahanapin ko sila. Hehe.


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