Officially SAHM (stay at home mom)

cant even post my pic. this is my hubby's family. his dad went home for 2 days . then went to Hongkong for a seminar

Lack of post again sorry guys family and work is keeping me busy .  boredom attacks me again I easily gets bored, that's why I don't post often. I hope when I become SAHM I would manage to post regularly about my nails, earning online, life and everything in between.

Yes! officially SAHM after a year working in a corporate world. I'll go back to work probably next year. I want to concentrate first on my kids, house chores, hubby and my getting bigger and bigger figure. I neglected my body that's true. I eat whatever I want whenever I want an abused body I have right now =( . I look like a pig with a big belt bag in my tummy. yuk.. I want to exercise and be healthy I hope I can stick to my plan. my hubby love's to eat I also want him to be healthy and lose the high risk of getting any kind of illness. esp heart attack because he is hypertensive. I really hope I can win this battle. good luck to me ^_^.

to do list:
1. download a free exercise video
2. watch or read articles about anger management
3. eat healthy. feed my kids healthy food.
4. teach my kids via internet (connect my laptop to our TV for easy viewing of my kids)
5.finish the errands from my aunt. i want her to read an article about anger management her temper is so short I hate for that. I think im adapting her attitude.
6.organize our house
7.budget our money until I get my backpay
8. I hope I can do all these.....Help me god...


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