Goto batangas at Bibingkang abnoy

   Hi! Just want to share this experience to my readers. Plenty of adventures and misadventure happened yesterday. I don’t want to explain all the details but yesterday was a little bit worst event of hubby’s Motorcycle club.
   One of the member with his wife as a backride was hit by a car ~_ ~ they we’re not injured that much but the girl couldn’t stand because of fractured spleen (bone in the leg) her husband had a fractured hips and some bruises. I hope this won’t happen again on the next trip.
  Before we enter Real Quezon we stopped at the Kainan in Famy Laguna they had Goto batangas,plain lugaw,…etc I opted for Goto batangas thinking it was a porridge with pork or beef but to my surprise it was a soup consists of cow's internal organs cooked with the best ingredients because it tasted good naman. I cannot describe you how it taste pero masarap sya with kanin. Pero mas prefer ko pa rin sana yung porridge like food pero ayun na ang naorder ko eh. This kind of food is a no no for hypertensive person like my hubby.

This is how the soup will look like
It ha s cow's internal organs
good to eat it while hot

The crowded karinderia
Bad for your heart, dont eat this!
Fats everywhere

   2nd food trip while we we’re waiting for the police to come to make a report a man came in a motorbike at back is like a bibingka. They said it was abnoy so I was like wow! Just in time for lunch. But to my surprise again the look of it is like a bibingka or tofu. It was sliced in a 1 inch thick it has spot spot that looks like a tofu or a cheese. They told me to taste it , it taste good daw . I hesitantly taste it but before that the smell of rotten food is so intense that I have to pinch my nose to put it inside my mouth. I thought if I can’t smell the food I might have the courage to swallow it. But I was wrong even if I pinch my nose the smell and the taste push me to throw it. The texture was ok soft and tofu like texture but the smell is so bad I couldn’t eat it. According to this site http://muntingtinigngpateros.blogspot.com/2008/04/abnoy-abnoy.html



Abnoy is an omelette made from duck eggs that do not mature to become balut or penoy. Abnoy is dipped in very strong vinegar to hide its strong, sulfuric smell.
Manong preparing the abnoy for kuya kulot
This is how it looks like. parang cheese di ba
Variety of suka. which do you prefer? spicy or plain suka?
Tofu like texture
Need to endure the smell to take a picture
for 5 pesos you can get a plastic of Abnoy
One of the member ate a little too much the ending? Foul smell of hands and mouth plus a diarrhea



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