Cutex and 24K nail polish

Hi fellas! just want to show you this local nail polish I  bought in SM Masinag named 24K...have you heard about this product? or do you have this same brand in your stash? I love this glitter polish because it reminds me of high end brand nail polish. for me being beautiful is need not expensive you just have to look for the things that suits you very well add your creativity and there you have it a bonggacious fashion for you there! enjoy the pics =)

*** hubby and I will be going on a trip with his motorcycle buddies our destination? Real Quezon! will post some pics when I get back

 24k in dazzling colors
 nice chunks of neon green glitters
 Base Cutex in "you goth it black" then top it with 24k then jelly pop of etude house
 I cant get a nice pic from my own nails so i painted it to fake nail without flash
with flash..nice di ba? just like the expensive nail polish



  1. Yup, I own one too. I like the consistency of it and it's cheap! Sadly it doesn't have alot color to choose from since it's not popular.

  2. true. sana they expand their line of colors.

  3. I own one color from the Magic Colours line. Crazy Green ang color, parang naka-pattern sa Orly Space Cadet. Though not exact dupe, nice pa din.

  4. lagi ako nasa sm masinag! lolz! taga saan ka sis? ako, im from Antipolo. i always go to that mall.

  5. taga Cainta ako sis malapit lang sa sta lucia


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