Nail sparks

the 2 cuties I bought in Rabisu Razuri and Elegant gold nail sparks of winmax new york

                                 Elegant gold
rabisu razuri


Went to Robinson Galleria a few days ago. This mall was a heck of a big mall! I have my 2 kids with me 2 y/o and a 7 y/o that’s heck of a tiring day. walking, playing assist them to anything they need is a tiring task. Whew! Being a supermom is tough job. It’s not easy having kids on the mall especially with a 2 y/o kid. we went to Saizen (a Japanese store) to check out some stuffs. Being a nail polish lover I will definitely wont pass by the lane of nail polish haven =) hehehe I love love that lane I wanted it all but lack of bucks I cant so I chose the best of the best. I ended up getting the 2 bottles from winmax new york in Elegant gold and in blue/purple. Don’t know the name I have it in Japanese or in katakana but I cant find the English for it. I also went to the rest of the lane there’s so much things I want but some things 88 pesos is not worth the money. I bought the 2 toys for each they seem to be satisfied.
Back to the nail polish I bought I love both colors the neutral one can be use in any day or any color or shirt you will wear. The other one which is blue is a great color too. Good for partying or a club gimmick with friends. Wear this with dark Smokey eyes you will turn into a fashionista =) lol
All in all I love the color I got. I will definitely go back to get some more …yay…more damage

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  1. Rabisu Razuri sounds a lot like a japanized version of Lapis Lazuli. Maybe that's the english name?


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