Blue and brown

   Hi! I made this mani to reminisce our wedding last August 3, 2009. next month is our 1st wedding anniversary..I wonder where can we celebrate this day....hmmmm do you guys have any Idea? feel free to comment.
   I'd like to spend the day in a SPA but I dont have any idea which SPA is best in the metro. We're always hanging out in the mall, I think it's common if we spend it in the same place.

   anyway....love this mani excuse my messy polishing....hehehe I dont care putting it perfect cause in the morning the bed sheet will surely mark on my mani....that morning it did yay! (~_~)

here's the pic

nail polish I used

Elianto AQUA
China nail polish in brown
lined it with nail art nail polish from saizen
gold glitter from SANSAN

I will post the pics of those maybe tomorrow

here's the wedding motiff


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