Marikina Sports Center

Next year 2013 my aunt's family from will come here to the Philippines for a visit and they plan to tag us along on their ilocos trip. this year they went to ilocos and was fascinated by the place. on their trip they will bring their unica hija and us(me,husband, cousins and my lola).

Aunt sent us a swimsuit to wear next year but i dont think I have the guts to wear it alone, at least a shorts over to my bikini.

my gulay! i dont have a hot body to show the Philippines. (T_T) but anyway I still love my body the way it is.

So my plan is to just trim some fats out to my body. or be healthy? i really want to flatten my tummy but i guess it will take years. my goal is to lose weight and be fit.

I bump into marikina's oval track field I wanted to go there but how? I went to Mr. Google for some help. after some research voila! me and Ela was there last week. Im planning to ge there for at least twice a week or more if I have time.

10 peso per entry. outside the center food is never a problema there's a lot of food you can choose from.

inside the center a lot of activity you can do there's even an aerobics class for free :)

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  1. lovely photos :) Would you like to follow each other? My blog: http://bibischw.blogspot.sk/


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