BNC nail polish and summer 2010

Hi ! after work I went to Ukay Ukay (2nd hand shop) on my way to Anonas I passed along Cubao and found this heaven store....a nail polish and nail art store hehe =)... I was like...WOW!!! I wanted to buy it all but the money in my purse is limited..I hope that time i had a magic purse..how I wish.
Anyways, I found this korean NAIL UP ACCESORY store. They have BNC nail polish with a wide variety of colors. from matte,frosted to glitters. love love the product that I bought. Upon finding what to buy I could not barely decide on what to pick there are so many colors to choose from they even have swatches the sale rep even tried it on her nail. The CON about this store is the sales rep is so annoying...the boss is there that's why (*_*)...after buying 2 bottles of NP I'm off to that store.hate their boss she too is annoying. here are the products that I bought

the location is in LRT2(the purple one...am not sure if it is LRT1 or 2) cubao station it is connected to the gateway mall. landmark.

I bought 3 clothes from UKAY UKAY. I did not expect to find pretty decent clothes but to my
suprise I find 3 good enough to wear clothes. I even find DKNY skirt but I have to makeover it. overall I was satisfied and I have plans in going back to nail up accesory and UKAY UKAY in Anonas.

summer 2010 at CASANJO 1 in green park village cainta


NOTD caronia Goddess

 Things I used:
Caronia fast dry top coat
Caronia Crystal
Caronia Goddess

Hi fellas this is my NOTD (nail of the day) love love the color....it's opaque in 2 coats. I am definitely satisfied with this product. I would recommend this color to anyone as the nail polish color compliments any skin color. that's all...until next blog (*_*)


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