my cutie cute cute baby
black shadow flower nail art
san san blue sapphire nail polish (35.00 pesos)
bobbie with keratin glaze dazzle
I applied 3 coats. just want it that way (33.00 pesos)



fire nail creme: I bought it in tiangge for 15 pesos...im a little annoyed coz my friend told me that this kind of nail polish is sold in a certain store for only P12.50 what d heck!!! my gosh..but, its a great polish i love the color not so pinky not so light...just right for nail artsy...I made a watermelon nail using this polish and also with other nail polishes

my nail art for the day red tip yellow flower....love it


more nail art

me practicing my nail art

stamping nail art

1st try
nail art

I have my addiction right now..next to make up is nail art.........im still learning how to make it perfectly

mairene's 1st birthday is coming....

mairene's 1st birthday will be on february 8, 2009. we're planning a swimming party with the family. we will rent a place called birds I view in taytay rizal. almost 1 month to go, i still have time to plan my baby's birthday im so excited for her.
being a mom is priceless. i cant express it in words how much i love my baby. back then i was an adventurer i dont care for anybody even myself. but now, my life had changed. she brought life to me she was the answered for my questions. my life is better now with my family....
Im happy and contented....very much

168 mall

toys 35 each or 3 for 100 pesos

I have always wanted to go to divisoria whenever christmas is coming...lots of cheap goodies are available in divisoria. but of course divisoria is also known for being a dangerous place lots of thieves and bad guys are roaming around so you better be careful with yourself and your things....

anyhow, i will assure you that you will enjoy this place if you are a shopaholic like me...i like affordable but in good quality products...i dont haggle to much coz im not use to it my hubby is a good haggler....that ol folks...ciao!


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